The way to Ust-Luga
One of the most promising projects of "Lengiprotrans" is aimed at providing cargo delivery by rail to the sea port of Ust-Luga on the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland in the Luzhskaya Bay.
From 2006 to 2017, the volume of rail traffic in connection with the port of Ust-Luga increased from 4.1 million tons to 68.4 million tons per year. This largest investment project in the Leningrad region has been included in the Federal target program "Development of the Russian transport system (2010-2020)"since 2005. During this time, almost 700 km of the extended length of the contact network was built and reconstructed. 156 km of second main tracks were laid. Lengiprotrans performed engineering surveys and design work at all stages of infrastructure development on the 197.7 km long mga – Ust-Luga section. The total built-up area of the Ust-Luga railway junction is 930 hectares, of which 270 is located at the marshalling yard. The total length of the tracks after completion will be more than 300 km. To Luzhskaya-Sortirovochnaya was suggested the following innovative solutions: hump cycle, including check-in of yard locomotive under the composition and the thrust is performed fully automatically without human intervention; the hill and the Park arrival at the station serving the minimum number of employees that has a significant impact on reducing operating costs; post hump automatic centralizing is designed as a "smart home" with fully automated climate, lighting and access control. Today, the railway junction is a pre-port sorting station Luzhskaya-Sorting and port freight stations Luzhskaya-Severnaya, Luzhskaya-Yuzhnaya, Luzhskaya-Neftyanaya, as well as an industrial station for liquefied petroleum gas (Gas), bases for servicing infrastructure and rolling stock. The construction of the Luzhskaya-Sortirovochnaya – Luzhskaya-Vostochnaya – Luzhskaya-Generalnaya connecting branch, which is being completed this year, is intended to ensure the size of train traffic in the Ust-Luzhsky junction, corresponding to its cargo turnover for full development. Thanks to the construction of this line, the node will loop, creating maneuverability and accuracy in the organization of train traffic. In 2019, the project "construction of the Luzhskaya-Generalnaya station on a new site" was completed. 2nd stage of construction". Construction work on the first stage was started in 2018, and commissioning is scheduled for the third quarter of 2020. The second stage of the project is scheduled to be approved in July 2020, and construction will begin in August 2020. According to the project, the construction period is designed for 2.5 years. This year, design and survey work will begin on the third stage of construction of the Luzhskaya-Generalnaya station. In 2019-2020, Lengiprotrans also performs author's supervision for two objects: "Construction of railway tracks on the Luzhskaya-Sortirovochnaya – Luzhskaya-Vostochnaya – Luzhskaya-Generalnaya section" and " construction of the Luzhskaya-Vostochnaya station. 1st stage". Working documentation was issued for these projects in 2018 and 2019, respectively. In April 2020, "Lengiprotrans" received a positive conclusion from the FAA "Glavgosexpertiza of Russia" on the object " construction of the Luzhskaya-Vostochnaya station. Stage 1 - construction of the Vostochnaya traction substation. Construction of the facility is planned for 2020-2021.
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