The most powerful tractor produced in Russia

This is a powerful machine that is able to carry wide-reach tillage units and provides ergonomic conditions for the machine operator. It is designed for carrying out large volumes of work and long operation in difficult conditions. We will talk about the RSM 3575 tractor — the most powerful tractor currently manufactured in Russia.

Manufacturer-Rostselmash (part of the Association "Rosspetsmash").

RSM 3575-power nom / max 583/628 HP, torque nom/max 1950/2542 N×m at 2100 and 1400 rpm.

The tractor is equipped with a Cummins qsx15 industrial series engine.

Programmable electro-hydraulic synchronized transmission with 16 forward and 4 reverse gears. Having programmed the most popular operating algorithms (speed set, gear change, lifting / lowering of guns), the operator can start this sequence by pressing the button.

The frame is welded from steel cut on high-precision laser complexes. The floor joints provide high flexibility of the structure, which allows you to adapt perfectly to the terrain when driving over rough terrain.

Powerful axles with lockable differentials are designed to work with double tires and are equipped with reinforced on-Board reducers with a high-precision planetary mechanism. The car is equipped with disc brakes on both axles.

As standard, the tractor is offered with a traction bar with a load capacity of 4082 kg. It is possible to install a reinforced traction beam with a load capacity of 5443 kg.

The RSM 3575 tractors are equipped with spacious double cabins of increased comfort. Present: climate control system, operator's seat with semi-automatic air suspension (11 adjustments); comfortable steering wheel with tilt and departure adjustment; 360-degree view; front and rear salt-proof curtains; electric rear-view mirrors; cooling compartment.

The control panel is integrated into the armrest of the chair. Control of work operations — using a multi-function joystick, touch color monitor, buttons and keys. The basic configuration includes an Agrotronic™remote monitoring system. Optionally, tractors can be retrofitted with GPS / GLONASS autopilot and trailer hydraulic brake.

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