The bill on crab auctions has not found support in the Ministry of economic development

The Ministry of economic development has prepared a report on the regulatory impact assessment of the draft law on crab auctions.

The Department saw in the new norm financial losses for budgets and socio-economic risks for the industry. The draft amendments to the Federal law on fisheries prepared by the Ministry of agriculture. The document provides for the introduction of so-called auction quotas, when the limit of crab production provides for obligations for the construction of facilities in Russia. The bill is not supported by fishermen and several governors of coastal regions.

This week, the Russian Ministry of economic development approved a report on the regulatory impact assessment of the draft law. Deputy Minister of economic development Savva Shipov pointed to the failure of the Ministry of agriculture to comply with the procedure for the preparation of the bill, socio-economic risks for the fishing industry and financial losses for budgets of all levels.

In particular, the Ministry of economic development notes a number of risks of the draft law on crab auctions. For example, the developer States that the main goal of the reform is the commissioning of new facilities, only under this condition it will be possible to enter the market. However, what kind of facilities will need to be built, as well as the amount of funding for the construction of such facilities is not mentioned. Moreover, this point requires additional coordination with the Ministry of industry and trade of Russia.

The report also provides detailed information on the socio-economic consequences of the introduction of the auction quota for enterprises of the Magadan and Sakhalin regions. The withdrawal of half of the crab production quotas will lead to the suspension of the implementation of individual projects totaling 7 billion rubles.

Moreover, there is insufficient justification of the decision problem the introduction of auction quotas, and the availability of provisions that impose excessive obligations, prohibitions and restrictions for the subjects of economic activities.

"Specialists Of the Department of regulatory impact assessment of the Ministry of economic development made a scrupulous and objective analysis of 1492 received comments. We saw that the concerns and assessments of the fishing business were heard," said German Zverev, President of the all - Russian Association of fisheries enterprises, entrepreneurs and exporters.

And now, when the Ministry of economic development says the scandalous bill "stop", interested persons still intend to submit it to the Commission on legislative activity of the government of the Russian Federation. At the meeting, which is scheduled for March 11, the authors of the document will try to arrange a kind of" conciliation Commission " and put pressure on the economic Department. Will stand a negative review in the walls of the White house, will be known next week.

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