Russian scientists have figured out how to see minerals on the Moon
Jan 21, 2021

Russian scientists have figured out how to see minerals on the Moon

A special device will allow you to see iron, aluminum, titanium and even water on the Earth's satellite.

Russian scientists are one step closer to exploring the moon. They have invented a prototype device that knows how to search for minerals on the Earth's satellite. At the same time, it is not necessary to land, or rather "land" people or equipment — the device can scan the ground at a distance, for example, from a spacecraft.

The device directs an electron beam to a section of the moon. It causes the surface to radiate. According to these reverse rays, scientists will determine what the soil consists of. But to look into the lunar abyss is not yet possible-the device operates at a depth of up to a meter.What can you find on the Moon? Iron, aluminum, titanium. I want to believe that there are deposits of precious metals.

However, experts are more interested in the presence of the helium-3 isotope. There is not much of it on Earth, and this is a promising fuel for thermonuclear reactors. A few tens of tons will provide our entire planet with electricity for a year.

And the most important thing is that you can find water reserves in the permafrost of the Moon — it will definitely be useful for astronauts at the stations, and the pictures from science fiction will become even closer to us.

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