Brands of the best budget Russian wine named
Nov 28, 2019

Brands of the best budget Russian wine named

Experts presented the results of the study of wine, making the top 200 best drinks.

"Roskashestvo" has finished research of the Russian wines, noting the growth of their quality. First of all, we are talking about products worth 300-600 rubles per bottle.

"Samples with scores above or equal to 81 points was almost 4% more compared to last year," - said on the website of the Department.

In most categories, the first places were taken by wines within 300-600 rubles.

The study was conducted within the framework of the project "Wine guide of Russia", which is created by the Ministry of agriculture, Ministry of industry and trade and "Roskachestvo". Experts analyzed 600 samples of wines and made a rating of 350 best in the category up to 1 thousand rubles.

The brand list of wines produced from Russian grapes, compiled by experts of the organization according to the results of the study, included more than 1.5 thousand names of wine with a total circulation of more than 150 million bottles.

The best red wine according to the results of the study recognized "Cabernet Kachinskoe ""Inkerman vintage wine factory" 2015 harvest, the best white wine recognized "Chateau Taman Reserve-Riesling" 2016 producer "Kuban Wine", according to the website of Roskachestvo.

According to experts, the best white wine was "Chateau Taman Reserve-Riesling" (2016) Russia's largest enterprise for the production of wines from its own grapes - "Kuban-Wine".

Also among the best red wines recognized "Merlot Elbuzd", "Valley of the don", "Cabernet Sauvignon" in 2014 ("Villa Zvezda"), "Cabernet Sauvignon" in 2016 ("Perovsky Estate"), "Cabernet" in 2017 ("Fanagoria-F-Style").

Among the whites, the best experts named "Chardonnay" 2017 (Golubitskoye Estate), "CRU Lermont Chardonnay" 2017 ("Fanagoria"), "#For you " 2015 ("Burnier") and "Sauvignon Sauvage" 2017 ("Old Crimea").

Wines were purchased in retail chains and wine cellars of four Russian regions of the country. In total, more than 600 samples of wine were purchased, of which 129 sparkling, 181 quiet white, 206 quiet red, 35 quiet pink, 50 sweet and liqueur.

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