Moscow Chimes
Nov 27, 2019

Moscow Chimes

We all remember how in Soviet times all the republics waited with bated breath for the chimes on new year's eve. Today, this clock strikes time exclusively for Russia, however, this does not deprive them of special magic and attractiveness.

The Kremlin tower (also called Spasskaya), on which this clock is installed, was built in 1491. In 1625, it was modernized — it was then that the clock device was installed on the tower. In 1626, due to a fire, the clock was destroyed, so it was necessary to build a similar one. In 1706, again the clock was replaced with new ones. This time they were brought personally by Peter the Great. However, they were also affected by the fire. The last replacement of the dial occurred in the last century after a shell hit them in 1917. Few people know, but initially the tower was called Frolovskaya, as its Creator (Italian Pietro Antonio Solari) chose the name for his building, based on the nearby Church of frola and Lavra. Only in 1658 it was decided to rename the tower in Spasskaya. This was recorded in the Royal decree, and the basis for the renaming was the location of the icon of the Savior above the gate. Today, absolute time accuracy is achieved by connecting the clock to the control clock. To do this, a special cable is held underground. Chimes are able to play many tunes. Until 1932, the "international" was played every day at lunch, today the main motive is the anthem of the Russian Federation. Access to the dial itself is allowed to a limited number of persons. At the same time, there is no Elevator in the tower — you have to climb the ancient spiral staircase. The length of each of the arrows is 3 meters, and the size of all kinds of gears and wheels exceeds human growth. The total weight of the structure exceeds 25 tons.

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