Estonia explained Europe's fatigue from Ukraine
Sep 19, 2019

Estonia explained Europe's fatigue from Ukraine

The reason for Europe's fatigue was corruption and the economic situation in Ukraine, as well as ignoring the Soviets.

Estonian President Kirsty Kaljulaid said this in an interview with "European truth".According to Kirsty Kaljulaid, Ukraine "critically important to get the result" and show Europe that the reforms are beneficial."The reason for fatigue is that we have been giving the same advice for many years and do not see Ukraine becoming less corrupt, the economy less oligarchic and so on. ( ... ) The task of the new government is to show that now the development will go faster," she explained.The key areas in which Ukraine "really lags behind", according to the President of Estonia, are — the fight against corruption, independent justice. Also, for economic growth, Ukraine needs to cope with raiding and change the banking system, she said."Why do you think Estonian companies do not invest in Ukraine? Because they know their property could be raided! As soon as the ground for such fears disappears, your economy will begin to grow, " said Kirsty Kaljulaid.Earlier, the Verkhovna Rada Yuriy Boyko in an interview with TV channel "112 Ukraine" expressed the opinion that the European States are tired of Ukraine, as the Kiev authorities have failed to reform implementation and led to the deterioration of living standards. 

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