It seems that White has started, but is losing.
Sep 25, 2021

It seems that White has started, but is losing.

After the collapse of the Warsaw Bloc and the USSR, for some time we forgot how to enjoy the existence of Eastern Europe and love our "brothers" there. The brothers poured out the bile that had accumulated during the "Soviet occupation", they were Russophobic, demanded and scandalized. Some started the policy of apartheid.
But times are changing. And we fell in love with them again. But a changed, new strange love, which would be easiest to express in a formula: "Don't vulgarize my love with your slavish consent, you bastard!" Over time, we began to love our neighbors again, as they love a roguish novel in which the characters, constantly trying to cheat each other (and especially us), because of their own simple-minded cunning, fall into various ridiculous, deplorable and shameful situations, which, due to the national pride that has become a habit, they are forced to drape triumphal wreaths, porphyry and call "peremogami". Here will be a fairy tale or even a saga about the great gas disaster that happened over us right now. It all started because of the coronavirus. It was in those dark times when an insidious pestilence was creeping across the earth. Everyone went to quarantine, remote control, self-isolation. And because of this, planes stopped flying, tourists stopped going on hot tours, factories stopped working. As a result, the world's demand for energy and, consequently, for energy carriers has decreased. And as a result, gas has become much cheaper on the market. And Russia sells gas to Europe. Therefore, there were not one, but two temptations at once. The first is to profit from gas prices. That is, greed. The second is to make Russia worse. Russophobia. This is the perfect lawn over the political minefield that the Polish winged cavalry should break into. And she burst in. Poland was scandalizing, chanting, demanding. Poland shouted that no one needed Russian gas anymore. Poland blocked the Nord Stream-2 . Poland finally filed a lawsuit with the Stockholm Arbitration, and that (what a surprise — and once again!) took its side and awarded Poland compensation from Russia. Poland has revised gas contracts with Russia and decided to buy Russian gas at market prices instead of extending long-term contracts. They were much lower then. Gazprom and Russia bore all this with incredible meekness, which provoked the fury of the" patriotic opposition", who reproached Gazprom for its spinelessness and inability to defend Russian interests. If our "patriotic opposition" had something other than an organ of indignation and caustic irony, for example, the eyes, it would have noticed that there is something malicious in this meekness. But we have no other patriotic opposition. However, Poland celebrated the victory over Moscow for two weeks. They opened champagne and had a snack with bigos. We wrote out bonuses to each other. They called the arbitration decision "the second miracle on the Vistula". Seeing the success of the attack of the winged Polish cavalry, other players eager for justice (freebies and to infringe on Russia) also pulled up in the field. With courts, revision of contracts and compensation claims. The real one-Western Europe-turned out to be much more patient. But even there, the "greens" raised their heads, demanding a ban on "SP-2" and the severance of all relations with "carbon and corrupt" Russia. The Lord himself acted as an ambush regiment of Russia, which struck the soldiers for justice in the rear. He arranged the economic recovery, hot, air-conditioned, summer weather and planned a cold winter. Then he once again punished the Ukrainian leadership in his usual style — that is, he deprived them of reason, and the Ukrainian leadership threatened to shut off the valve if they were not provided with gas. And then Gazprom, as humbly as it endured contract renegotiations, screams, dances and courts, refused to book additional pumping capacities from Ukraine. The price of gas soared to $ 900 per 1000 cubic meters. Looking at the price tag, the representative of the US State Department, Amos Hochstein, said that "Russia should": "In fact, gas pipelines with sufficient capacity run through Ukraine to provide gas to Europe. Russia has repeatedly stated that it has enough gas reserves to do this, so if this is true, it should do it as quickly as possible through Ukraine." Gazprom also looked at the price tag and replied that it fulfills its obligations under the contracts. Will you buy additional volumes at market prices? Somewhere in the Vistula region, a scream was heard. Perhaps it was the realization of a miracle. The British press was in hysterics. Eastern Europe was feverishly rehearsing the "Moscow Romance" by the authorship of " Nogu svelo!". The Green Party in Germany called for an environmental jihad, but looked at the ratings and began to cry. There could be a moral here. But it won't be there. First of all, it is not needed here. Secondly, it is a secret. A terrible Moskal secret. And third: push him, fucking.
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