Europe predicted record heat due to "Cerberus"
Jul 13, 2023

Europe predicted record heat due to "Cerberus"

In the coming days, record heat is expected in Europe due to the arrival of the anticyclone "Cerberus". The fact that some countries predicted the highest temperatures, CNBC reports.

According to forecasts, in some parts of Spain, France, Greece, Croatia and Turkey, the temperature will exceed 40 degrees Celsius. In Italy, the indicator may pass the mark of 48.8 degrees Celsius — still the highest temperature in the history of Europe.

In ten Italian cities, including Rome and Florence, a "red" alert level was declared in connection with the anticyclone. Scientists note that global warming significantly increases the likelihood of the arrival of heat waves, such as are now observed in Europe.

Earlier, the leading specialist of the Phobos center, Mikhail Leu, assessed the possibility of an abnormal heat wave coming to Russia from Europe. According to him, in the coming week in the central part of Russia, temperatures at plus 30-40 degrees should not be expected. The expert added that the heat associated with global climate change in Europe will persist for a long period. 

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