A unique creation of nature - the White rocks of Iturup Island.
May 28, 2022

A unique creation of nature - the White rocks of Iturup Island.

A unique creation of nature - the White rocks of Iturup Island. About twenty thousand years ago, a volcano erupted on Iturup, in the area of the current isthmus of Vetrovaya. Its power was comparable to the Minoan eruption of the Santorini volcano.

In 1650 BC, it destroyed the island of Strongila, spawned a 200-meter tsunami and the legend of Atlantis. The power of the explosion on Iturup was the same, but everything else went according to an unusual scenario. In those days, the narrow Wind Isthmus was a strait and the eruption took place UNDER WATER! The outgoing melt boiled, foamed under water pressure and, at a temperature of 800 ° C, crystallized into snow-white pumice. More than a hundred cubic kilometers of igneous rock rose from the depths of the Earth to the surface. Many thousands of years have passed and the pumice mountains have risen above the surface of the water. Over time, the white slopes disappeared under a green grass carpet. Penza is an unsteady breed. Under the influence of water and wind, pumice mountains are easily destroyed. Streams flowing down from the slopes carve bizarre patterns in them. Green caps on sharp peaks add contrast and fabulousness to the picture. It seems that you are in a white-stone town with castles, amphitheaters and spires of towers. The deserted black-and-white beach adds special solemnity… There are also Black Rocks near the White Rocks. They do not make such a strong impression as their white counterpart, but still they are worth mentioning. The black rocks are the "tail" of the lava tongue, consisting of medium-sized columnar separations — a kind of "mini-copy" of Cape Columnar on Kunashir. But that's not all! The water on a snow-white background is a piercing emerald color. There are only palm trees. And they are not needed - Iturup has enough of its exotics! The fabulous town stretches along the Okhotsk coast for five kilometers, each step along which brings a new perspective and delight! But few people know that there are outcrops of White Rocks from the Pacific Ocean. Tourists are rarely taken there. Since I mentioned tourists. They get to the White Rocks by car. The fee for the service is from 10,000 to 15,000 rubles per car (round trip). By distance: 15 km from Kurilsk to Reidovo and about 15 km from Reidovo to White Rocks. Important: you need to go in sunny weather, otherwise the rocks will not be white, but gray or even in fog).  From Kurilsk to Reidovo there is asphalt, and then the car goes along a sandy beach. By the way, this road is interesting! It would seem that it does not exist at all, but in fact it is almost a hundred years old. The road from the northern to the southern tip of Iturup was laid by the Japanese. Unpaved, passable only for powerful transport, but still, the road! Trucks still drive along the White Rocks, cutting through the surf at the clamps. You can get to the White Rocks by water, though not always. The bay is wide, the wave accelerates quickly and near the unprotected shore near the White Rocks there is often a strong roll, complicating the landing. But if the weather is good, then in the waters of the bay you can meet a lot of seabirds, whales, dolphins or seals on the coastal rocks. 

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