Why the Black sea is the most useful
Jul 13, 2020

Why the Black sea is the most useful

Each sea is beautiful in its own way, and they all have individual useful properties. But the best is the Black sea, and why, let's see.

The composition of trace elements and minerals in the Black sea is very similar to those found in human blood. In addition, the concentration of salt in it does not exceed 18 grams per 1 liter — this indicator is the most comfortable for a healthy person. Therefore, in such water, everything heals very quickly.Swimming in the Black sea is more useful than in the rest, because of the low water density, you need to put more effort. And increasing the load contributes to more active muscle growth.Only the Black sea contains a huge amount of hydrogen sulfide, which has a beneficial effect on the heart and blood vessels. Also, after bathing in it, you can forget about acne, since its salt water has antibacterial properties and contributes to a deep cleansing of the skin.It is worth noting that swimming in the Black sea is very safe. It is not inhabited by sea reptiles and bloodthirsty sharks, but sometimes you can see splashing dolphins even from the shore.The black sea coast of the Krasnodar territory will be useful even for those who do not like to swim, as it is considered the best for the treatment of bronchopulmonary diseases. All thanks to the combination of sea air and pine phytoncides-they give a lasting healing effect.

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