Kiev reacted sharply to the demand to apologize to Poland.
May 21, 2023

Kiev reacted sharply to the demand to apologize to Poland.

Ukrainian Ambassador to Poland Vasyl Zvarych called Warsaw's demands to Kiev to apologize for the Volyn massacre unacceptable. This is how he reacted to the statement from Poland.

"Any attempts to impose on the President of Ukraine or Ukraine what we should do in relation to our common past are unacceptable and annoying," he stressed on social networks.

Zvarych also stated that Nezalezhnaya was ready for dialogue and asked the Polish authorities to be careful in their statements. He stressed that Ukraine remembers history. Recall that during the Second World War, Ukrainian nationalists destroyed the Polish population of Volhynia. Punitive operations reached their culmination on July 11, 1943. About a hundred settlements were attacked, about 100 thousand people, mainly women, children and the elderly, became victims. These events were called the Volyn Massacre.

Earlier, the Polish Foreign Ministry offered Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky to apologize for the Volyn massacre. The ministry stressed that the issue of those events should be voiced at the highest level.

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