"The Apocalypse in the Canaries": what happens to tourists
Sep 21, 2021

"The Apocalypse in the Canaries": what happens to tourists

On the Spanish island of Palma, the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano began, which has been dormant since 1971. The terrible footage of the "apocalypse" in the Canaries has already spread all over the world.
It is known that the lava from the volcano approached the houses and blocked the roads on the island. The authorities are conducting rescue operations. In the Canary Islands, about fifty police and military personnel are thrown to eliminate the consequences of the eruption of the awakened volcano. It has not subsided for several days. Victims were avoided, but the situation is critical. A mass evacuation has been announced on the island of Palma. More than five thousand Spaniards left their homes. Tourists are also taken out of the dangerous zone. However, Russian citizens have not yet applied for help, our consulate reported. Fire fountains that tear the darkness of the night – this sight in the Canaries could be called fascinating, if not for the danger that an erupting volcano poses to local residents. There are several settlements nearby at once. "It seemed to me that it was an explosion, so everything rumbled. Then I saw smoke, huge clouds of ash, - says Anna Vina, a resident of the Canary Islands. "Everything was very close to my house, and we ran away." An evacuation has been announced on the island of Palma. More than fifty tourists and several thousand Spaniards living here have already been taken out. "It's terrible, because we lost everything we had overnight," complains Teresa Rodriguez, a resident of the Canary Islands. Lava follows on the heels-streams six meters high devour abandoned housing. More than a hundred houses have already been destroyed, the skeletons of cars are smoldering in garages. The element blocks the escape routes. "A few hours ago, lava cut off the highway leading to our city and ended up in residential areas," says Noelia Garcia Leal, mayor of Los Llanos de Aridane. – It flows through several streets, and we don't know which way this stream will go." The river of fire does not flow from one vent, but from 10 different points at once. The speed is 700 meters per hour. The temperature is more than a thousand degrees Celsius. Everywhere in the Canaries, forests and fields are burning. The scale of the disaster is clearly visible from the air. Because of the eruption, Spanish airlines are canceling flights to the Canaries, and the authorities have banned navigation in the dangerous area – lava is already in the coastal zone. All emergency services have been thrown into the fight against it. Life on the island is now almost like according to the laws of wartime. "Here we have both a command post and a utility yard, all at once," says Omar Hernandez, a member of the El Paso City Council. – On this football field, we receive all the evacuees and distribute them to other municipalities on the island. This is not an easy task. We are immediately deploying rescuers and the police." Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has already arrived in the affected areas. A hand on his chest - as a sign of solidarity. The head of the Spanish government even postponed a trip to the UN General Assembly in New York. Instead, he holds a meeting of a special committee created to overcome the consequences. "The state undertakes to compensate the damage to the affected families so that people can restore their normal lives," the prime minister said. " As for the restoration of homes, I assure you – we will not leave anyone in trouble." Before this eruption, the volcano was silent for half a century. Although recently the National Geographic Institute of Spain recorded an increase in seismic activity in the Canaries. During the week, more than 25 thousand earthquakes occurred here. The population of the islands was warned about the eruption in advance. "We constantly, daily received information about how the soil is deformed, about how strong earthquakes are and what forecasts there are," confirms Maria Borisova, a resident of the Canary Islands. "People were gathered at stadiums, had conversations with them about how to behave, what things to collect, valuables, documents, where to go – all this was indicated by signs." But for now, the element is unpredictable. According to experts, the eruption on the island of Palma can last for several months and even lead to the emergence of a new mountain. However, local residents expect that this will become an attraction and help attract even more tourists to the Canary Islands. Moreover, the fiery footage of the eruption has already been included in the selection of the most popular videos on the Internet.
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