Joe Biden: 36 million Americans are starving
Feb 07, 2021

Joe Biden: 36 million Americans are starving

Due to the economic problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic, 36 million Americans are virtually starving, almost 10 million have lost their jobs, and more than 15 million are unable to pay their rent. This was announced on February 5 by US President Joe Biden, speaking at the White House.

This data, according to the American leader, should convince Congress to approve the previously proposed package of economic stimulus measures in the amount of $ 1.9 trillion.

Biden acknowledged that the country's economy is in a difficult situation: "More than 10 million people are out of work, and 4 million are out of work for six months or more, <...> 24 million adults and 12 million children literally do not have enough food." And he promised to act quickly.

His plan to save America, in particular, provides for the allocation of $ 160 billion for the vaccination program, including the production of vaccines and their distribution.

At the moment, the United States is in first place in the world in the spread of coronavirus: the number of cases is approaching 27 million, the death toll is half a million people. This amount also includes funds intended for one-time payments of $ 1.4 thousand. "to those people who need it." Funding free food for Americans below the poverty line, and extending job loss insurance. In addition, it is proposed to increase the minimum wage to $ 15 per hour and increase the amount of monthly unemployment benefits.

Recall that during the election campaign, Biden repeatedly criticized Donald Trump and his administration for a weak response to the coronavirus epidemic. And he promised to take the fight against the pandemic more seriously. This promise, apparently, must now be put into practice by his proposed plan to save America.

However, there are two important points that can negate all these good impulses.

First, the executive order to stop issuing new development licenses, including fracking, for oil and gas fields on public lands and offshore, which Biden signed in the early days of his presidency. Experts believe that this step will seriously hit the country's budget.

Secondly, against the background of growing unemployment in the country, the American leader is ready to increase the quota for accepting refugees several times — up to 125 thousand people in the next fiscal year, which will begin on October 1, 2021. But all these people need to be somehow socialized, provided with work, benefits and a roof over their heads. By the way, Trump once reduced the quota for refugees from 85 to 15 thousand people. The losses of the American economy from the pandemic are becoming more and more obvious. We remember that Trump, first of all, relied on preserving the economic development of the country, and therefore did not impose strict restrictions in connection with the coronavirus. The measures that were taken under Trump regarding the coronavirus are much less strict than, say, in the same Europe.

But it turned out that as a result, the economy stagnated, and American society suffered serious losses. America was in the lead both in terms of the number of cases and in terms of mortality statistics.

In general, it turns out that Trump's policy has failed. And in this regard, his loss in the presidential election was due to this situation.

Biden and the Democratic Party are now offering their own program to get out of this difficult situation. And they are betting on the injection of huge amounts of money into the economy in order to launch (or restart) help people find jobs, help them re-open their businesses.

After all, the significant increase in unemployment in the United States is largely due to the fact that small businesses suffered a lot of damage due to the pandemic. America is a country of largely small businesses. And it was small businesses that suffered the most. However, as, for example, in Russia and European countries. Hence the millions of unemployed, and, as a result, the very difficult social situation in which the masses of people found themselves.

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