Sweden's strategy to fight the coronavirus is failing.
Nov 14, 2020

Sweden's strategy to fight the coronavirus is failing.

The Swedish public health Agency has found its own forecast for the development of the second wave of coronavirus in the country incorrect. This is reported by The Financial Times. The authorities hoped that the rejection of borders in the spring would help form a collective immunity that would prevent the rise in the incidence of coronavirus in the fall.

However, as practice has shown, everything turned out differently: the number of hospitalizations in Sweden is now growing faster than in any other European country.

In Stockholm, every fifth test gives a positive result. This, according to the publication, suggests that the virus is even more widespread than official statistics show. In the spring, the health Agency predicted that thanks to collective immunity, the situation in Sweden will be better in the fall than, for example, in Finland and Norway, which imposed quarantine. "So far, Sweden's strategy is failing," said virologist Lena Einhorn, who is critical of the country's strategy. She noted that a few days ago, the country had eight times more cases of coronavirus per capita than Finland, and 3.5 times more than Norway.

"In the fall, they should have been worse off than us, because we should have been immune," Einhorn said.Health Agency specialist Sarah Bifors, in turn, said that in those countries that introduced quarantine in the spring and are introducing it now, there is also an increase in the number of infections.

"It seems to work like this: if you had a lot of cases in the spring, there will be a lot of cases now. We don't know why this is happening," Bifors said.

Sweden's chief epidemiologist Anders Tegnell explained that having immunity to the coronavirus is a "big mystery." He also noted that the coronavirus has "long-term prospects", so it is necessary to develop a strategy that would work for many months or years.

Sweden does not impose a formal quarantine. Instead, the public health Agency recommends social distance, hand hygiene, and working from home.

It is noted that this is the only European country that does not force people to wear masks outside of hospitals. In addition, the Swedes were advised to avoid closed spaces, as well as not to meet people with whom they do not live. In restaurants, a maximum of eight people can sit at one table. Residents of the country were also advised to refrain from visiting stores, shopping centers, gyms and other premises unless absolutely necessary.

In addition, the Swedish authorities introduced more stringent recommendations in connection with the increase in the incidence of coronavirus in Stockholm and the regions of Vastra Gotaland and Ostergotland County.

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