EU is not forever?
Mar 25, 2019

EU is not forever?

The situation in the European political economy is very interesting. Politics is a corrupt thing, especially if economic interests dictate a certain direction.

The capitalist nature of the political establishment of European countries can play a cruel joke with the countries that have recently joined the European Union.Let us examine everything in order in the light of gas supplies from Russia and the construction of Nord stream 2.On the one hand, there is a business that by hook or by crook seeks to reduce production costs, and reducing the cost of energy is a great help in this. This is exactly what the construction of SP2 with its low gas price can help European capital. Reducing the cost of energy resources, with a consistently high level of wages in the EU will help the product produced in the enterprises of the participating countries to be competitive in terms of price. On the other hand, the same business needs markets, which are designed to ensure the unification of the European States into a single customs and economic zone. In fact, the EU is a kind of expansion of products from countries with a high level and quality of production to the markets of less developed countries, without any restrictions. It should be noted that this expansion is mutual, but what can the second offer first? Consequently, the expansion is almost one-sided. You will say that it is possible to transfer production to the EU countries with lower wages of workers and due to this, these countries have the opportunity to compete with their products throughout the European space! But, given the tendency to preserve jobs in their territories, and the mass migration of workers with lower requirements for the level of earnings in developed countries, a situation in which in the younger European countries develops only the raw materials sector and the service sector, but not as an industrial part of the economy. Given both of these sides, European capital gives rise to political trends of multidirectional action, at least two. First , it is necessary to get cheap gas, and may infringe on the interests of other countries, and, moreover, getting more and more benefits (from transit). And the second – to maintain the integrity of the European Union, the number of participants which is already quite large, so to stay on the rocking chair, the same Germany, it becomes quite difficult. After all, do not leave the European Union itself, as did the UK.Here then is born evil. Young Europeans to a very large extent depend on subsidies provided by Germany, France, Austria, etc.and whether it will turn out that after analyzing the economic, social, political situation in particularly zealous countries, such as Poland or the Baltic States, the European capital will make a political decision to withdraw these countries outside the European Union, especially since they create so many problems defending their national interests.

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