The EU is a prison of Nations.
Mar 25, 2019

The EU is a prison of Nations.

May is replaced by a man who considers the EU  "a prison, like Soviet Russia".

The British press is burying Theresa may's government. "Coup" at the end of "conspiracy of Ministers" is scheduled for Monday. Already named the names of possible successors to the failed "iron lady №2", which will have to be responsible for the difficult process of "pulling" the United Kingdom from the EU.Government Ministers Theresa may intend to seek her resignation, moreover, already discussed the candidacy of the interim Prime Ministers. Such an" information bomb " blew up yesterday on Twitter political columnist of the London Sunday Times Tim Shipman. Sources with whom the journalist works, claim that "revolution" is appointed for Monday. Sources, according to Shipman, more than reliable. "Today I spoke with 11 members of the Cabinet of Ministers", — the observer claims, and those unanimously told — to resign."Last night, Theresa may was in the networks of a full-scale coup, - high-ranking Ministers decided to overthrow the Prime Minister and replace her Deputy Prime Minister David Lidington,"-the journalists of the Sunday Times is no longer on Twitter, and on their pages."Coup" - of course, a big word, but the fact that the situation in the British top finally went upside down after the postponement of Brexit (for which may fell on the deputies, "hacked" agreement with Brussels). Recall that from Brussels dictated the conditions: the Kingdom's exit from the European Union will be delayed until may 22 — provided that the British Parliament still approve the agreement. May warned that the deadline for brexit was June 30. But not the fact that by this time the British Prime Minister will be called "Theresa may".Information made public Shipman, lay on the prepared ground. Last week, the topic was exaggerated by the Telegraph."It's time for Mrs. may to leave," the publication quoted the Minister of education Nicky Morgan, a supporter of the preservation of Britain's membership in the EU.On the other hand, Steve Baker — one of the main supporters of Brexit in the government, the Deputy Minister for the UK's exit from the European Union — has already called on candidates for leadership to "act now" if they want to convince parliamentarians of their rightness. As a result, may support only two Ministers in the government, the rest — for the resignation, the newspaper says.It seems that the question is not whether Theresa may will be overthrown by the conspiracy of Ministers, but who, albeit temporarily, will take her place. Tim Shipman of the Sunday Times writes that, in addition to Lidington, considered two candidates for the role of acting Prime Minister — foreign Minister Jeremy hunt and Minister of environment, food and agricultural development Michael Gove.It is Gove tipped in the premiere of "predictors" from Mail on Sunday. Lidington they think is too "gray", and I believe that his appearance in the Premiership, not satisfied with the "brasilero", and opponents of a British exit from the EU. Another thing Gove or hunt-these supporters of hard brexit, will not suit only supporters of maintaining membership in the European Union.Recall that hunt in the fall called the EU "prison, like Soviet Russia", and promised to fight for brexit on British terms (and therefore — not for a compromise, which was negotiated in Brussels may, and which caused rage in Parliament).As for Gove, he-for nothing that is not the most prominent position in the government of may — is considered a mother conservative headliner. His name is usually mentioned with a comma with the name of former foreign Minister Boris Johnson, who is considered the unofficial leader of the "brasilero". But note, the last name of Johnson does not appear among the successors may. Perhaps the tories will nominate him after the election-against labour leader Jeremy Corbin?

According to the plan, the next elections to the house of Commons should be held in 2022, but the Ghost of early voting may be about to materialize (in any case, this-not quite fantastic-option is considered by the BBC, along with a re — referendum on brexit).We would add that opponents of the withdrawal of Britain becoming more and more. On the eve of the number of subjects Of her Majesty, signed a petition in support of the abolition of the results of the referendum in 2016, exceeded 4 million people. As already noted, British society is divided: for brexit stands the common people, mainly in England and Wales, against — the elite, young people, citizens in England, and in General — Scotland and Northern Ireland. Whether they're conservative — hard "reciter" in place of may? It is difficult to say, but the fact that" not the iron lady " is not satisfied with their own supporters from among the conservatives, obviously."The resignation of Theresa may was discussed almost from the moment of her appointment, immediately after the referendum in 2016. This became especially important in 2017, when the results of the conservative party in the early elections were worse than they were before," the Director of the research company Europe Insight Andrey Kulikov reminded the newspaper in a comment. May's resignation was expected in 2018, and now, as we see, this topic does not lose relevance, he said. "The information that is circulating now — and the newly emerging rumors and some direct statements-all this is not surprising, given the scale of the crisis (expressed in the confrontation between the Parliament and the may Cabinet), and the long — standing mood," Kulikov added.It is obvious that the Prime Minister was wrong tactics, the expert believes. "Her persistence, categorical will to push through the agreement with the EU, which she has achieved (and in the form in which it was concluded), categorical reluctance to consider other options — all this scared even those who considered themselves as a supporter or even a friend of may", — stated Kulikov.Also it is impossible not to take into account the injection of the situation around Brexit. The interlocutor notes:"One deadline for the UK's exit from the EU, March 29, has already been missed. Now the next deadline is April 12. By this time, the UK should decide in what form it will leave the European Union, and whether it will leave at all."The British have already had the opportunity to see the reaction of EU leaders, their skepticism about may's abilities. Coupled with the already mentioned deepening of the disappointment of British deputies, all this adds weight to the rumors that are now circulating. "Yes, it can not be said that this is only a rumor — this is one of the scenarios that are now being discussed," Kulikov concluded.But in London acknowledged the resignation may not solve the problems associated with brexia. On Sunday, Sky News said the head of the Ministry of Finance in the current government Philip Hammond. "The replacement of the Prime Minister will not help us, as well as the replacement of the ruling party, — quotes the interview of the Minister TASS. — We need to find an answer to the question of which version of brexit will be acceptable to Parliament. What further steps Parliament will agree to to avoid the economic catastrophe that brexit threatens without a deal (with the EU), as well as the extremely serious challenge to our democracy and political system, which would result in the refusal to leave the EU." In the meantime, it is reported that in the case of "brexit without a deal" in readiness are 3.5 thousand military, including a special group in a nuclear bunker.

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