"Silence says about the results": why is the meeting of Kim Jong UN with Putin held successful talks with Trump

On Thursday, April 25, Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-UN Met in Vladivostok. This was the first historical visit of the North Korean leader to Russia. First, the Russian President and the head of the DPRK held an hour of public talks, then two more hours behind closed doors.

We can only guess what the leaders of the two States talked about. But many political scientists believe that complete silence about the results of negotiations is an indicator of their success. So believes the political scientist Alexei Mukhin. In an interview with journalists of "Special report", he recalled the hype created around the meeting of Kim Jong-UN with Donald trump.

"Immediately evident is the publicity and expectation of Kim Jong-UN's meeting with trump. And its zero effect. In contrast, Vladimir Putin's rather prompt preparation and meeting with Kim Jong-UN and complete silence about its results. This suggests that the results have been achieved," Mukhin said.

"The secrecy of the agreements that were reached between Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-UN does not allow the General public to know the details of these negotiations, and accordingly, people who are interested in discrediting the results of this meeting and the meeting itself, are spreading rumors now that they have not agreed on anything, Kim left earlier and so on. In fact, these rumors have no grounds," he added.

Earlier, the press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov told what impression the North Korean leader made on him.

"He gives the impression of quite an experienced, educated and very balanced leader," Peskov said on the TV channel "Russia 1".

According to the press Secretary of the Russian President, Kim Jong-UN is aware of all the projects between the two sides.

"He is aware of all the nuances of bilateral projects or potentially bilateral projects that can unfold after the UN sanctions and other restrictions are lifted, which are now in effect and largely hinder the development of our bilateral cooperation," Peskov said.

The details of the meeting of Kim Jong-UN and Vladimir Putin are not disclosed. We only know that the parties discussed the prospects of bilateral cooperation and the situation on the Korean Peninsula. Talking about the President and the leader of the DPRK? Can Moscow contribute to the unification of North and South Korea? And why Russia can rid the Korean Peninsula of nuclear weapons?

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