India has decided to purchase 33 Russian fighter jets amid the conflict with China

The Indian air force sent a proposal to the government to purchase 33 Russian fighters, including 21 MiG-29s  and 12 su-30MKI.

According to ANI news Agency, citing a source, the government should approve the military's proposal next week.

According to the publication, the Air force has been working on this plan for some time, but now it has been decided to promptly submit a $787 million proposal to the Ministry of defense for final approval this week.

Earlier, India has already purchased more than 250 su-30 fighters from Russia. As noted, the new aircraft should make up for the losses incurred in accidents. The offer to buy Russian fighters was accepted against the background of the conflict with China.

Tensions on the India-China border increased in may. Beijing and Delhi have accused each other several times during this period of crossing the demarcation line on disputed territory in the Ladakh region, located between the Kunlun and Himalaya mountain systems.

On June 15, 2020, the two countries ' military personnel engaged in combat on this section of the border. According to some reports, the parties used only cold weapons. The government of India has announced 20 deaths on their part. The Chinese foreign Ministry confirmed the confrontation, but did not mention the losses among Chinese military personnel. The incident was the first encounter with victims in 40 years in a territory that has been a point of contention between Beijing and new Delhi. Both sides accused each other of escalating the conflict.

Previously he wrote that new Delhi deployed Apache attack helicopters and fighter jets to the East of Ladakh (a geographical and historical area in India) to strengthen its defenses after a clash with Chinese soldiers. In addition, Chinook helicopters arrived at the site. The vehicles are capable of transporting artillery to high-altitude areas. In the waters of the Bay of Bengal, the Indian Navy has also increased the presence of warships. The publication noted that new Delhi's actions are a clear signal to Beijing about India's readiness to escalate the conflict on the line of actual control in Ladakh.

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