Lithuania bans RT TV channels

The radio and television Commission, which is located in the Department of the Lithuanian Parliament, banned the broadcast of Russian TV channels of the RT group, said the head of the regulator mantas Martishus.

"Taking into account the recommendations of the foreign Ministry, the Commission decided to stop the retransmission of five RT programs on the territory of Lithuania," TASS reports.

It is noted that the decision will take effect after its publication on the Commission's website. According to Martius, this should happen on Thursday.

The head of the regulator added that representatives of the RT group were not invited to the meeting where the decision on the ban was made.

Martishus clarified that "we are not talking about violations", which are usually discussed at the Commission with representatives of the other side, but about the EU Council's "sanctions against RT CEO Dmitry Kiselev, who controls this structure". Kiselev is the General Director of MIA "Russia today".

The ban applies to the RT channel, its RT HD version, as well as RT Spanish, RT Documentary and RT Documentary HD. Russian TV channels in Lithuania are only available to cable network users and satellite TV subscribers.

We will remind, earlier it became known that the broadcast of seven Russian channels belonging to the RT family is prohibited on the territory of Latvia by the decision of the National Council for electronic media (NSEMM), as they are "owned and solely managed by Dmitry Kiselev".

Kiselev said that Latvia's decision to ban seven RT channels due to the fact that it allegedly owns them is ridiculous and proves the ignorance of the Latvian authorities. Kiselev stressed that it has nothing to do with RT.

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