Economists had predicted a catastrophe in the US because of the high mortality rate of the middle class

A study by Nobel prize-winning Economics Professor Angus Deaton and American economist Ann Keyes found that the US is slowly heading for disaster as the American middle class is dying out.

In their joint book, Death from hopelessness, the researchers pointed out that the US is heading for a disaster that the media is not paying attention to. This is not only about economic decline, but also about hundreds of thousands of victims among the American population, reports Inotv with reference to the German magazine Der Spiegel.
According to scientists, in contrast to other developed countries, life expectancy in the United States does not increase, and mortality, on the contrary, increases. The researchers noted that there are three main reasons for this: an increase in the number of suicides, alcoholism and its consequences, and drug overdose.
It is noted that the "white working class" suffers most from these problems» - white citizens of the United States without a completed higher education. In comparison with Sweden, it turns out that the probability of death of a middle-aged white American is more than twice as high. Also, the increase in death rates in the US is associated with the"opioid crisis".
"Despair is spreading in society. This has given opportunities to market the pharmaceutical industry, which is not well regulated, " Deaton said.
Economists have concluded that the origins of this problem are related to "tectonic shifts" in the US labor market. Previously, the employed population without higher education could get a decent income, but now it faces difficulties.
Scientists also note that in this regard, the health status of US citizens without higher education at the age of 45 to 54 years is gradually deteriorating. The number of marriages among Americans without a higher education has decreased, and they are also much less likely to belong to any religious community. Thus, there is a gradual destruction of communities that provide people with vital support.
The reason for this development of the situation, researchers see that low-skilled professionals face the pressure of globalization and robotization of production. Deaton and Case were particularly harsh in their criticism of the American health care system.
Earlier, the newspaper VZGLYAD wrote that the causes of mass riots in the United States lie deeper than racism in the police, in particular in the crisis situation in the economy.

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