Russian language is now illegal in Moldova
Jan 21, 2021

Russian language is now illegal in Moldova

The Constitutional Court of Moldova recognized the special status of the Russian language in the country as illegal. The Constitutional Court of Moldova has declared the provision on the special status of the Russian language in the republic inconsistent with the Basic Law.

"The decision is final, cannot be appealed and comes into force at the time of the announcement," the chairman of the Constitutional Court Domnica Manole announced the verdict.

The court assessed the legality of this act at the request of the opposition. Deputy Octavian Ciucu, one of the authors of the appeal, said that the adopted law on the status of Russian as the language of interethnic communication allegedly discriminates against Moldovans, as well as representatives of other national minorities in Moldova who do not speak Russian.

He also noted that the bill was not submitted for public discussion. In addition, the opposition believes that the new law forces officials to take on additional responsibilities for the translation of documents.The Constitutional Court of Moldova in June 2018 declared obsolete the law on the functioning of languages, which was approved during the Soviet era. According to the document, the Russian language was assigned the status of a means of interethnic communication. Subsequently, the parliament adopted a new law that restored the special status of the Russian language, state agencies also obliged to use it in response to requests from residents of the republic. 

According to scientists ' forecasts, most languages will disappear and the main languages of communication - Chinese, English, Russian and Spanish-will spread. Up to 90% of Moldova's population speak Russian, most of the nationalities indicated their native language, the language of their nationality, half of Ukrainians, a third of Bulgarians and a quarter of the Gagauz usually speak Russian. It seems that the Moldovans will significantly lose in development, because they do not know English, Spanish, and even more Chinese.

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