Poles held a Russian in slavery for 20 years

The family of a Polish farmer held a Russian in slavery for 23 years and fed him pate with mold, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the Polsat TV channel.

Russian Nikolai Yerofeyev came to Poland in 1989 as a civilian specialist in one of the military units of the Soviet army stationed near Boleslavets. After the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Poland he decided to stay in the country and got a job as a worker on the farm.
His owner heard that the authorities would catch illegal immigrants, and took Yerofeyev to another farm. There, the Russian began to work "non-stop" without paying a salary.
According to the Russian, the owner followed him, did not let him go to the city and did not allow him to talk to anyone, beat him and called him names.
"They had my documents, I had no idea where to go from there, I don't know anyone. People were afraid of them in General, no one wanted to get involved with them," said Nikolai.
To escape from slavery, the pair helped a local resident. She said that on the farm the Russian was almost not fed, they gave moldy pate. When Nikolai left the farm, he was exhausted, scared, looked at the floor and did not know the value of money.
The Russian was sheltered by a young married couple. They provided him with housing, promised him a job, and found a lawyer. The couple said that Yerofeyev is not used to food and does not know how to eat normally, previously he never had free time.
The Russian wants to stay in Poland. According to Yerofeyev, it is easier for him to speak Polish than Russian. The lawyer intends to legalize the Russian and, if possible, issue him Polish citizenship.
According to Rambler, in December last year, a police officer from Tatarstan kidnapped a man, took him to his farm and forced him to work, threatening to falsely accuse him of committing a crime if he refused. 20 days later, the man managed to escape. 

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