Scientists warned about the threat of "cocaine" hippos
Jan 18, 2021

Scientists warned about the threat of "cocaine" hippos

Colombian scientists have warned about the threat of the so-called "cocaine" hippos of the world's largest drug lord Pablo Escobar to the local environment.

This is reported by the Telegraph. Escobar illegally imported hippos from Africa for his private zoo in the 1980s, but after his death, four of the animals were left unattended in a pond near the estate, and they later bred. Now, according to estimates of zoologists, their population fluctuates around 80-100 individuals. However, due to the lack of natural enemies and due to the suitable climate, by 2040 the number of hippos may grow to one and a half thousand, after which their spread will not be able to contain. "No one likes the idea of shooting a hippo, but no other strategy will work," said environmentalist Natalie Castelblanco — Martinez.

She explained that hippos disrupt the local ecosystem, abundantly dehydrating the surrounding area, which is why the water is already noticeable increase in the concentration of phosphates and nitrogen. Also, these artiodactyls are able to spread diseases and parasites that are dangerous for the local fauna and humans.

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